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When people ask me what I do for a living I always answer that I have four different jobs. I am a trained graphic designer ( The Danish School of design 1998-03 ) and educator ( Växjö University 1991-93 ) and I have worked as an illustrator and comic artist since 1989. For over twenty years, my comics and illustrations have been published in various newspapers/magazines, mostly in Sweden but also in Denmark, Norway and Finland.


Best known is the comic strip ”Mia” which was published in newspapers Smålandsposten ( 1989-2010 ) and Seriesparaden (1993-99). The comic strip has also been released as album three times for publishers Bonnier ( 1994 ) and Komika Förlag ( 2006 and 2009 ). I have also worked many years with comics and illustrations for the magazine ”Personalaktuellt” ( ”Staff News” formerly known as ”Wage News” ). I also work with the comic strip ”FIKA” ( ”having a coffee” ) for the newspaper ”Språktidningen” ( a magazine for people who likes languages ). Through the years I´ve had numerous clients as an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer, and in addition to running my own company I also work as a teacher of drawing and making comics at Malmö Cultural School, where I also do all graphic materials such as catalogs, posters, logos and guides to concerts. In addition to all other jobs, I used to work as a teacher and supervisor at the Comic Art School ( 2004-2007, where proffessional comic artists get their education ) in Malmö. But in 2007 I felt it was time to ”wind down” and just work normal full time…

I live with my husband in Malmö in southern Sweden and I like the simple things in life.Things like draw and design, make art ( I have exhibited many times, most recently at Falsterbo Art Gallery and earlier at Växjö Art Gallery in two group exhibitions ), eat good food, do yoga and spend time with family and friends. But deep down I dream of work with organic farming and to make children’s books. Oh! And I love to travel!

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